Farmers and WATSAN members received revolving loans to boost their IGA’s

Four (4) farmers groups of 25 members each which totals to 100 farmers received each group with Ugx 2,500,000 hence Ugx 10,000,000 was provided. The aim of loan provision to farmers is to support and facilitate their start up capital in order to boost their existing businesses as well strengthen their capacity while sustaining the intended project. This time round the approach used was really good in that the farmers with the WATSAN structures (JAD funding) were mobilized and converged at the Sub County headquarters of which all beneficiaries turned up. For example; 100 farmers and 60 WATSAN members of three water user committee (received Ugx 12,000,000). The Sub County officials (Sub County Councilor, Agricultural Officer, Sub County Chief, Community Development Officer and local council 1 Chairperson) were mobilized as well to witness the hand over of the loans. VAD officials and staff were also present. The loans were handed over by the Sub County Chief. This grant was supported by Signpost International-UK and Just A Drop-UK VAD’s longest partners

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