About Us

"Touch One person's life and you can change the whole World"

Ben Male
Executive Director VAD

Since 1996 our organization has been striving to change the lives of people in underserved communities.

Voluntary Action for Development (VAD)  is a non-profit making, indigenous, non-government organization initiated since 1996 to improve the livelihoods of the poor and disadvantaged communities through the implementation of Programmes including; Health, Livelihoods, Education and Human rights advocacy programmes currently working in Wakiso District of Central Uganda, Amuria, Kapelebyong and Napak Districts of the North Eastern Uganda respectively.

VAD strives to improve the livelihoods of the poor and disadvantaged communities, primarily targeting the most vulnerable groups including children, women, youth, PWDs and people living with HIV/AIDS by empowering and facilitating them to effectively participate in their social economic development initiatives.

Our Team

Mr.Bogere Alex Kawomera

Human Resource Manager

Mr.Benedict Male

Executive Director

Ms. Nalubombwe Sarah

Finance Manager

Ms. Lilian Nakijoba

Programmes Manager

Our Partners

Friends of Uganda-Germany has been VAD’s longest partner since 1996, VAD’s established year. Friends of Uganda is led by Mrs. Schummer Illse. In the history of VAD, Friends of Uganda has supported a thousands of women groups in Wakiso by providing them with revolving loans where they have engaged in various income generating activities and their incomes have been improved and their life styles/wellbeing changed. In summary, women have been empowered, they are political leaders, afford to pay for the basic needs at home and they understand their right. A number of schools were supported with construction materials including cement, iron sheets, desks and water tanks with an aim of promoting quality education among the children.

Currently with support from Friends of Uganda-Germany, VAD is implementing a Family Economic support project in Kapelebyong Sub County, Kapelebyong District specifically in Achegerekuma, Adukule and Alungatuko villages. VAD supported 22 Village Savings Loan Associations women groups with training on business skills, records keeping, management and enterprise selection. After undergoing a successful training the 22 groups were given a total amount of 19, 200,000 /= (Nineteen million two hundred thousand) to boost up their Income Generating Activities (IGAs). And this donation has benefited a total of 199 women members from the 22 Groups. Similarly; VAD constructed Acegerekuma primary school and the school has a total population of above 720 people and at standard 7, paid teachers’ salaries, constructed Kaperebyong Market with 24 stalls where the women in the groups will be in position to sell their produce. Since 1996 up to now VAD is still in partnership with Friends of Uganda.

Aidlink and VAD has been in existence since 2002 where we implemented WASH & livelihood projects and we impacted to over 170,000 people with improved livelihoods in Wakiso District in central Uganda. Because of a good continued partnership & mutual understanding with Aidlink, VAD has grown into a strong and Nationally recognized Organisation in WASH. Until 2017, VAD & Aidlink decided to extend her wings in North Eastern region in Napak District; Karamoja. 

So far 2 sub counties have been targeted: Apeitolim and Poron in Napak District and we have reached out to 2,000 both in communities and schools where we have constructed 12 Boreholes, 12 school latrines, 12 semi permanent structures, improved hygiene and sanitation best practices and reached to 15 communities. 2021, VAD is continuously implementing WASH improvement in Apeitolim and Poron where 3 more Boreholes, 2 semi-permanent classroom structures plus Hygiene and sanitation education will be done.

Signpost International and VAD has been in partnership since 2010. In Wakiso Signpost International implemented a 10 years’ project titled, ‘Community Holistic Integrated Learning Development where 2 parishes of Bukondo and Muguluka in Namayumba, Wakiso District reached out 262 ambassador The project aimed at supporting ambassador children’s education and improving their health. The mitual understanding and transparency between VAD and Signpost International gave a clear path where VAD extended her interventions in the North-Eastern Uganda (Amuria). Comic Relief through Signpost International (2013-2016) funded project targeted 675 farmers in 3 sub counties of Kapelebyong county now District and the Big lottery funded project in 2014-2018, delivered training through farmer groups, provision of inputs and piloted Ecological Land Use Management Centres for peer learning. Currently 2020-2022, together with Signpost International, we are implementing a project title, Increasing household livelihood security for women and youth in Teso, North East Uganda where a total of 250 farmers are targeted for the 2 years.

Just A Drop has been in partnership with VAD since 2011 JAD has funded VAD with WASH improvement where both community and schools benefited. VAD and JAD has implemented various projects including Clean water for schools, Clean water for Health Centres, constructed medical houses at Namayumba, constructed water sources, constructed water tanks, improved behavioral change of Hygiene and sanitation adoption of good practices, MHM education for adolescent pupils, promotion of soap making with an aim of improving hand washing. Currently, together with JAD we are implementing WASH improvement project in Kaperebyong in the North Eastern region. Together with JAD, VAD has changed many lives of people an approximate of 10,000 people both in Wakiso and Amuria.

In 2013, VAD partnered with FTM to implement a Functional Adult Literacy program in Kapelebyong. In 2014/15 FTM with Big Lottery Fund funded the Youth and women Economic Empowerment. VAD and FTM delivered a Big Lottery funded project integrated vocational and agricultural skills, savings and human rights in Northern Uganda (2015-2-18)- that supported improved Quality of Life for 12,330 primary and secondary beneficiaries. The partnership is still ongoing and our targeted areas are Kapelebyong in North Eastern.

Through UWASNET, DPA funded VAD to implement a project titled, ‘Citizen Action for Improved WASH service delivery being implemented in Namayumba town council, Wakiso District. A total of 50 trained Advocacy Committee members have been empowered to demand for better service delivery, they have trained their community members, presented petition for increased accessibility to clean and safe water, spearheaded the process of advocating for better services, held dialogues with duty bearers, reached out to media while advocating for increased accessibility for clean safe water and participated in the annual District budget conferences.

Our Mission is Only possible with your support