World Water Day Celebrations in Karamoja

World Water Day Celebrations in Karamoja

Today 22nd March 2018, Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) joins with the rest of the world to commemorate the International Water Day. This year, VAD has commemorated this day on a localized theme “Open defecation is a shame, use latrines” but in line with the international theme, Nature for Water.

VAD team members and the villagers of Poron

VAD localized this theme to suit the Karamoja/Poron setting and to enable the targeted communities understand the theme and what VAD advocates for in relation to water, hygiene and sanitation improvement.

Various activities are being carried out; including procession with the communities of Poron and Kaithelem while raising awareness for the need of water and improved sanitation for better health.

Music dance and drama by Poron singing group in line with the theme, speeches from both political and technical leaders representing the District and Sub county levels and VAD Executive Director were given in line with the theme, awarding of certificates of ownership and recognizing the trained community based structures (Water User Committees, Community Monitoring Teams, School Health Clubs and village local leaders).

VAD in Karamoja

The event has attracted more than 700 community members of Poron and Kaithelem communities of Napak District and there is an assurance that people’s lives will positively change in line with water, hygiene and sanitation statuses.

A big thanks to Aidlink/Ireland who facilitated VAD to commemorated the World Water Day 2018 with targeted communities of Poron/Napak in the North Eastern region which has been always a practice for VAD on an annual basis.

Thanks to VAD’s funding partners especially Aidlink/Ireland who has funded this event on annual basis.

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