Health Promotion and Development

Within the programme strategy VAD aims to improve the health of the targeted communities through increased access of WASH facilities, Improved nutrition, improved reproductive health among women and young people, HIV/AIDS prevention and control, and system strengthening among vulnerable communities, schools and health centres.

This programme strategy provides  WASH facilities to schools, communities and health centres, ensuring that most vulnerable groups such as women, children, elderly, people with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS have easy access to such facilities. With in this programme VAD works with various stake holders at local, national and international levels to ensure that the target beneficiaries access such facilities through provision, capacity building, sensitization and education to raise awareness.

VAD works with key community structures such as Water User Committees (WUC), Community Monitoring Teams (CMT), Village Health Teams (VHTs), School Management Committees (SMCs) and School Health Clubs (SHCs) and local leaders for ownership of interventions and sustainability.